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Having found an appropriate scenic venue to mirror My elegance and class, My BDSM and fetish videos loose nothing in spontaneity and show My pleasure and skill whilst performing My art. It demonstrates and shows My Mistress persona to a tee.

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Your face is my seat, your mouth my ashtray

After a series of strokes with my flogger, I turn on my lighter: It’s time to sit a bit and smoke a cigarette, and your face seems to be the best place where to rest. So, be quiet, and offer your face, respectfully, for my royal bottom… Read more

Keywords: facesitting, smoking fetish, nipple play, face slapping, sensual domination

Language ENG; length 14 mins; MP4 Full HD; size 624 mb; price: 14.63 $

A whipping carousel

My mistress friend and I got a lot of will to whip someone, so we called 3 slaves to let us have fun. We tied them up on a pole and ordered them to rotate clockwise making a sort of carousel, in the meanwhile we went wild on their backs… Read more 

Keywords:  whipping, multi domination, humiliation, snake whip, femdom

Language ITA; length 13 mins; MP4 Full HD; size 572 mb; price: 13.41 $

Do you like my flats sandals?

My slave is crazy for my feet, but knows also that I adore to use them to dominate and torture. Last day I wore my favourite flat sandals, I don’t remember exactly how, at a certain point my slave was trapped and tied up to my coffee table… Read more

Keywords: foot fetish , footjobs , ball stomping , cock tease , flat sandals, barefoot

Language ENG; length 16 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 723 mb; price: 17.07 $

A footrest under my office desk

I’m a Dominant woman and in my life I love to be comfortable in every situation. For example, when I feel that I need a footstool I just snap my fingers and I get it. When I want something to eat, I snap my fingers again… Read more

Keywords: trampling, foot fetish, high heels, dangling, foot domination, slave training

Language ENG; length 9 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 412 mb; price: 10.97 $

Pay us pig!

Video made for a fan of us who is always completely enchanted by our persuasive voices, especially when we give him orders, and what we prefer is that of “PAY US”. To tell the truth, we decided to drive him completely crazy… Read more

Keywords: financial domination , mouth and lips fetish, spoken orders, money mistress

Language ITA; length 11 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 481 mb; price: 12.19 $

I trample you with my used and hard clogs

CUSTOM REQUEST – A slave, big fun of the clogs, asked me to torture my personal slave with them. He wanted to hear the noise of the hard wood soles clacking towards the floor, with arrogance, and then massacrating my slave’s body… Read more

Keywords: trampling , shoe play , nipple play , clogs , arrogant woman

Language ITA; length 10 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 629 mb; price: 10.97 $

Tied up and tortured by my gorgeous feet

Sometimes I visit the slave caged in my dungeon, just for the time to tease him with my sensual voice and my gorgeous feet and legs. I’m sure that after seeing this video you will desire to be at his place, teased from me… Read more

Keywords: foot fetish , bondage , cock tease , pantyhose , foot domination

Language ITA; length 23 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 1067 mb; price: 19.51 $

A quick pee in your mouth, toilet

Slave, you aren’t either worthy for my wee, even if you’re a toilet slave and your job is really easy: to swallow everything that you receive from me, all my wastes. But you must deserve them, and don’t lose neither a drop or a piece of them… Read more

Keywords: toilet salve, humilation , shiny clothing , pissing, slave training

Language ITA; length 4 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 210 mb; price: 6.09 $

I trample you and your ugly face

My mat is a very cheeky guy, so I decided to trample him and I did it in a very sensual way. But he’s still cheeky and he tried to watch under my skirt many times. For his insolence I put all my weight on specific parts of his body… Read more

Keywords:  trampling , jumping , facestanding , foot fetish , barefoot

Language ITA; length 8 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 368 mb; price:  9.75 $

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