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Having found an appropriate scenic venue to mirror My elegance and class, My BDSM and fetish videos loose nothing in spontaneity and show My pleasure and skill whilst performing My art. It demonstrates and shows My Mistress persona to a tee.

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Ballbusting from many perspectives

If there’s one thing I love is to take a useless, pathetic, alleged man to kick in his family jewels. I forgot: without mercy! And here you can see well how I kick this pathetic slave, from all possible angles, to observe well how I take aim him with my shiny boots, load the… Read more

Keywords: ball busting, cbt, femdom, ball humiliation, kicking, shiny overknee boots

Language ITA; length 7 mins; MP4 Full HD; size 304 mb; price: 8.39 $

Ballbusting at the cross

Dragged violently to the cross and chained arms and legs: you are now at our mercy! Or rather … we only care about your nuts. We like to kick them while we watch you grimacing with sufference. And even if you challenge us by saying “more, more ..”, we’ll bend you… Read more

Keywords:  ball busting, kicking, testicles humiliation, double domme, high heels

Language ITA; length 6 mins; MP4 Full HD; size 302 mb; price: 8.39 $

Pleasure from behind

I want to open my slave’s ass. But before I do that, I put on my strapon and make him suck it all with his mouth, all the way down in his throat, without forgetting to lick all the balls. And then I make him lay down on the cage and slowly… Read more

Keywords: anal play, strap-on, pegging, fisting, ass humuliation, anal pov, cock sucking

Language ITA; length 13 mins; MP4 Full HD; size 605 mb; price: 13.19 $


I love crushing. Crushing food and objects is very exciting. In this video I used my gorgeous Casadei pumps, very high, sexy and with the iconic metal Blade heel, to pierce and blow up all these plastic protections. Watch carefully how I kick them… Read more

Keywords:  crushing with high heels, Casadei shoes, balloons

Language ITA; length 6 mins; MP4 Full HD; size 235 mb; price: 7.19 $

So many smacks to my slave

I was watching my slave up close and… I realized he really does have a great punching-bag face! Perfect also for spitting too. So I rubbed my hands together and started beating the shit out of him. First I started slowly, and then… Read more

Keywords: face slapping, verbal humiliation, female domination, spitting

Language ITA; length 10 mins; MP4 Full HD; size 512 mb; price: 11.99 $

Your back is mine and also your pain

Imagine being tied up to a cross. Tight. No way out. And behind you there’s your Mistress. There are whips hanged to the walls. She comes and spanks you, gently. Then she takes a couple of floggers and … the music starts. You feel your back burns, while she… Read more

Keywords: whipping, flogging, corporal punishment, snake, single tail

Language ITA; length 30 mins; MP4 Full HD; size 1,33 gb; price: 29.99 $

Ballbusting with 3 Dominatrix

My friends and I have decided to make this slave impotent by kicking him in the balls. It’s not much use to them anyway. So we have fun taking turns kicking with all the strength we’ve got, mocking him and calling him a “pussy”. Read more

Keywords: ball busting, small penis humiliation, cock & ball torture, double domme, multi domination

Language ITA; length 8 mins; MP4 Full HD; size 350 mb; price: 10.79 $

We’re going to make your ass purple

My friends and I have decided to turn our day around by play with a slave’s ass. We all armed ourselves with canes and paddles and we started…a good concert, made by our strokes and the cries of the poor, or rather extremely lucky, slave. His ass, initially just a little red, began to become purple and… Read more

Keywords: femdom, multi domme domination, caning, spanking, paddle, bastinado, slave training, verbal humiliation

Language ITA; length 20 mins; MP4 Full HD; size 860 mb; price: 20.39 $

Lick well my boots

My useless slave has the duty of cleaning all my boots. He must begin by kissing them and then cleaning all around. Then I order him to pull his tongue out and use it to clean my soles, so that it turns black. In the meantime I also make him suck… Read more

Keywords:  boot & foot fetish and worship, holdsup, foot humiliation, foot smelling, foot kissing, foot sniffing, foot licking, foot adoration, 

Language ITA; length 12 mins; MP4 Full HD; size 516 mb; price: 11.99 $

A thin but resistent door mat

I have trampled on hundreds if not thousands of men, but this surprised me, for two reasons: a very thin body, but a remarkable resistance. I decided to make him feel my weight barefoot. Starting slowly, ordering him to give some kisses to my feet, and… Read more

Keywords: trampling, barefoot, foot worship, foot kissing, jumping, sensual domination

Language ITA; length 8 mins; MP4 Full HD; size 344 mb; price: 9.59 $

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