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Having found an appropriate scenic venue to mirror My elegance and class, My BDSM and fetish videos loose nothing in spontaneity and show My pleasure and skill whilst performing My art. It demonstrates and shows My Mistress persona to a tee.

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This video is a constant orgasm for feet lovers, especially for who loves barefoot and perfect soles!!! After a long shower, I have my feet treated from my slave with a loooong pedicure, followed by a wonderful feet massage. In the meanwhile… Read more

Keywords:  soles, arrogant woman, femdom, wrinkled soles, barefoot, foot massage

Language ENG; length 18 mins; MP4 Full HD; size  805 mb; price: 19.19 $

Stretching out your front hole

With an extreme sensuality, I put my slave in a straitjacket and then I caressed him to let him feel comfortable and ready for my planned torture: I want to stretch his urethra, from a thin sound to my smallest finger… Read more

Keywords: medical fetish, sensual domination, cbt, sounding, femdom, clinical

Language ENG; length 15 mins; MP4 Full HD; size 907 mb; price: 15.59 $

Hey, asshole!

CUSTOM REQUEST – A customer asked us to receive a lot of insults to himself. My friend Mistres and I, decided also to remind him that his little penis is really ridiculous and pathetic, so we showed him… Read more 

Keywords:  humiliation, small penis humiliation, double humiliation, foot humiliation, soles

Language ITA; length 11 mins; MP4 Full HD; size 474 mb; price: 11.19 $

An innocent nap

I called a slave to clean my house and after a certain time… I found him sleeping in my poltrone! He was taking an innocent nap. That drove me crazy! I was really angry and I started to shout at him to wake up… Read more

Keywords: slave training , corporal punishment , face slapping , stomping , femdom

Language ENG; length 7 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 321 mb; price: 8.39 $

Feel you with sphere

My slave wanted to try some kicks in the balls, and I’ve been really happy to satisfy his request. I started to kick him straight away, and with my stunning shiny boots I made him regret for that request. In the meanwhile… Read more

Keywords: ballbusting, boot domination , high heels, pvc-vinyl , femdom, cruel mistress

Language ITA; length 11 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 488 mb; price: 11.19 $

A doormat for my feet

I want to do some steps and jumps on my floormat, and I like to see when he’s struggling but his dick becomes hard and horny.. And I continue to make him suffer, being with all my weight on my toes in his belly, or on my heels. Or moving my weight all on his… Read more

Keywords: trampling , jumping , foot fetish , gymnastic , ballbusting, humiliation

Language ITA; length 7 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 310 mb; price: 8.39 $

How to have fun with a coffee table

After a boring afternoon, I’ve decided to have some fun using my slave as a chair, but not in the way you can think: I placed a coffee table over him, and tied him up underneath. Then I used the table in many ways, to sit on, to lay down, to dance, to jump… Read more

Keywords: trampling , foot fetish , domination , stomping, high heels, barefoot

Language ENG; length 9 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 399 mb; price: 10.79 $

Inflatable beach ball destruction

One slave of mine has an inflatables fetish. Last time he brought to me a lovely and coloured inflatable beach ball to…..destroy! I approched to this lovely and puffy ball with my high heels, testing the hardness with the long sharped heel of… Read more

Keywords: inflatables , high heels , glowe fetish , blowing , stomping

Language ITA; length 6 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 266 mb; price: 8.39 $

Your cock is under my control

What is more intimate and close for a man of his penis? That’s the reason why I find it a very interesting object with which to play, because it represents virility but also the main male weakness. When horny, this organ takes the place of the brain… Read more

Keywords: tease & denial , cbt , latex gloves , shoejob , handjob , cock tease

Language ITA; length 21 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 936 mb; price: 20.39 $

A confortable footstool

I know that you like it. Every man like it. You like when I caress your little friend in between your legs with my feet, veiled by some gorgeous thin black tights. Have you noticed the line on the back of my legs? You should watch it again… Read more

Keywords:  foot fetish , sensual domination , cock tease , pantyhose , footjob

Language ITA; length 11 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 481 mb; price:  11.19 $

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