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Welcome to My World

If your dirty mind has brought you here, it is because you need to stay in My presence, and have been accompanied into My world of domination by your thoughts.
My elegance, My incredibly natural assertivity and My knowledge, will transport you through a deep experience, where you will understand that you will dedicate your life to serve and to be loyal. Here you will discover joy and peace in your senses, and you will finally feel you’re in your correct place, serving the most appropriate of persons.


For the rest of 2019 I shall be mainly based in Bristol. However, the lure of My beloved Milan, where My own fully equipped dungeon is located, will have Me returning monthly.
Closely located to other City’s of great beauty, including Rome, Florence, Bologna, Trieste, Genoa, Naples and Cagliari, to name a few, if you wish to see Me at any of these iconic City’s, it can be arranged.

To know more about My next Tours and their conditions, click on the button below. 

-> NEXT TOUR: ITALY from June 26th to July 1st. Cities: Milan and Florence.

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