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From 2019 I will be based in Bristol and spend most of my time in the United Kingdom. During the year, I am planning some tours, usually to London.

In Bristol I receive clients in My New Dungeon, however during my tours I change the venue from time to time and I detail these on this page, with all the related info.

During the year I also go back to Italy, at least once a month, to my personal equipped dungeon in my beloved Milan, and in that occasion I usually tend to visit other italian cities. My preferred destinations are Florence, Trieste, Rome, Bologna, Genoa, Naples and Cagliari.

If you wish to see Me at a specific place, or offer me a short holiday, we can speak privately about conditions.

You can be up-to-date on all my tours by keeping a regular eye on this page. When I have confirmed dates, I announce them here.

For Italian tours call: +39 391 3999221
For UK tours call: +44 7857 747574

3 golden rules before to contact me

Rule n. 1

If you don’t see any new tour announcement, it means that I am planning My next sortee. When I have them planned, I will make sure that I show them in this page, with the dates and all the related information.

Rule n. 2

I can be contacted in many ways, but during My tours I’m always very busy and can’t check every channel, therefore I give preference to the phone. This means priority is given to phone calls and Whatsapp messages. 

Rule n. 3

If I don’t answer a call don’t persist, it means that I am busy at that moment, so be patient and try to call Me later, or text Me and I’ll read and reply as soon as I can.