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about me

Something about me..

Now based in Bristol, I am a Premier Italian Mistress. The elegance, sophistication and beauty of My native Italy is reflected in My angelic beauty. My sinful nature will have You worshipping Me devoutly.  Head bowed. At My feet. You will succumb to My real, high classed, strict and sadistic whims. I will have you crawl obediently into My fully equipped dungeon.

I also tour, both in the UK and abroad, to give all you other creatures an opportunity to submit and worship. To show your respect to a Lady of My standing and beauty.

Being a lover of both BDSM and fetish, along with My extensive knowledge, experience and awareness, I will soon have you at My feet, demonstrating your devotion with worship to My boots, shoes, stockings and exquisite feet. Psychologically, I shall have you looking up longingly, from your place on the floor, as I overlook you.

As much as I enjoy the psychological side of Domination, I also make sure I inflict My quota of pain. Maybe I’ll secure you to My St. Andrews cross or possibly My whipping bench. I shall decide which to be most suitable and appropriate.

Indeed, My favourite impact toy is My long bull whip. Although paddles, canes or floggers can also sometimes satisfy My desire to discipline unruly male creatures. Medical play also stimulates My sadistic nature. I love to insert needles and engrave.

Role play is always fun. I can be a strict schoolmistress, or just as easily, I can be your domineering boss. Or maybe someone who has something about you that you need to keep secret. You surely would want Me to blackmail you. Would you?

Perhaps a bit of sodomy, with My strap-on, would be more up your alley. In more ways than one. It might be accompanied by a little spitting, water sports or the like.

Or is humiliation what you seek? Cross-dressing, forced feminisation, or dog and pony training. I enjoy and find all very amusing.

But be warned. I am more than happy to slap the face of a creature. More than happy to kick hard if I wish to indulge in a little ball busting. Fisting, trampling, tickle and nipple torture, along with torture to the balls and feet. All great fun.

Therefore, stop playing with yourself and contact Me. I expect respect and manners when you contact Me. If your demeanour is not so, you maybe wasting your own, as well as My, valuable time.



Below is a brief collection of the most relevant journalistic interviews I have released as a Mistress.

My video interview for the Facebook group “La Padrona di classe“.

(Nov, 2017)

The video interview and the article released in January 2018 to the national newspaper Il Giornale, titled “The Pleasure of Evil“. (Jan 2018)


The radio interview released on the national broadcaster Radio24 for the program “La Zanzara” by Giuseppe Cruciani.

(June 8, 2018)


I will soon be displaying a new and extensive list of what I require and want you to buy for Me. In the meanwhile, you may contact Me to enquire as to My requirements.

I will also accept money slaves. But make sure you cash pigs are showing your gratitude that I’m accepting your pittance. I want you on your knees, and showing respect and humility, as you make your donation to this beautiful, young Italian Lady.

Others who now adore, or have been fascinated by Me, may also contribute.