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Having found an appropriate scenic venue to mirror My elegance and class, My BDSM and fetish videos loose nothing in spontaneity and show My pleasure and skill whilst performing My art. It demonstrates and shows My Mistress persona to a tee.

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Unexpected waxing

Many men can’t understand how much we (women) have to suffer to be always perfect. So I decided to punish my slave for all the times that I had to suffer. I tied him up on a tea table and I started my torture… Read more

Keywords:  wax play, femdom, corporal punishment

Language ENG; length 17 mins; MP4 Full HD; size  798 mb; price: 17.99 $

I love this dessert

(Custom Request via phone) – For mouth and food lovers, those who literally hang from the lips, here there’s a tasty and inviting show of me, Miss Claire Delacroix, while I enjoy a delicious dessert… Read more

Keywords: eating, food porn, lip fetish, hair fetish, licking

Language ITA; length 11 mins; MP4 Full HD; size 499 mb; price: 14.39 $

A worthless floor mat for my pleasure – Part2

My disco party desire isn’t finished in the previous video, but now after all that dancing on my personal floor mat I feel pretty tired and I want to sit down, so he can finally have the honour to slowly take off my sandals and then… Read more 

Keywords:  foot fetish, trampling, high heels, footjobs, barefoot, dancing

Language ENG; length 12 mins; MP4 Full HD; size 740 mb; price: 13.19 $

A worthless floor mat for my pleasure – Part1

Certain kinds of music make me to dance like a crazy. So, I started to dance, and underneath my high heels sandals i got a lucky human carpet. While I was dancing in a very sexy way, he was suffering under… Read more

Keywords: trampling , high heels , foot fetish , shoe fetish , femdom , dancing

Language ENG; length 10 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 593 mb; price: 11.99 $

Until your last breath

You want a Mistress to take your breath away? Here you go. But know that everything has a price. And I will leave you really breathless, using different methods: from cellophane to plastic bags on your head, from… Read more

Keywords: smother, breath control , face sitting, ass smothering , femdom

Language ITA; length 8 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 492 mb; price: 9.59 $

Here your coffee, great ones

My friends and me decided to grab a coffee all together. As you should know, we’re never without some slave to serve us. So we had a very confortable human sofa for our delicate bums, a footstool where to lay our legs and high heels, a slave just to… Read more

Keywords: bdsm , femdom , human furniture , multi domination , slave training

Language ITA; length 9 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 424 mb; price: 10.79 $

Pay me because I deserve it

FOR MONEY SLAVE ONLY! If you are a moneyslave prepare yourself to bow down and offer me your wallet and everything from your pockets! You’ll feel pain and exitement at the same time, and inside you, you know that this is right: every single penny… Read more

Keywords: money slavery , findom , femdom , money mistress

Language ITA; length 10 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 476 mb; price: 19.19 $

Gently fisted

When I enter in my dungeon, my slave is still there where I left him, on the medical bed, wearing a straitjacket. A mask on the face, so that his breathing is more difficult and therefore keep his heart beats low. I go closer… Read more

Keywords: strap-on , anal play , fisting , sensual domination , dildo

Language ENG; length 16 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 974 mb; price: 17.99 $

Trampling and jumping with my new boots

A slave gave me a nice pair of new overknee boots. And how not to test them on a human mat? So, once I got them, I buzzed no time and I had one of my slaves lie down to crush him well. I tested… Read more

Keywords: trampling , boot domination , jumping , stomping , boot fetish

Language ITA; length 5 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 240 mb; price: 7.19 $

All inside until the end

Wearing a stunning leather outfit, complete with my luxurious LeSilla leather boots, I made a slave enjoy by letting out the whore in him. With my big big black cock, large and long, with veins sticking out all along, I started to enter slowly… Read more

Keywords:  strap-on , anal play , pov strap-on , femdom , bdsm , boot domination

Language ITA; length 12 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 555 mb; price:  13.19 $

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