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Having found an appropriate scenic venue to mirror My elegance and class, My BDSM and fetish videos loose nothing in spontaneity and show My pleasure and skill whilst performing My art. It demonstrates and shows My Mistress persona to a tee.

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How a Dominatrix can cope with a lockdown

Here in the UK there’s still a general lockdown. Being a Dominatrix, used to be pampered and have a lot of fun torturing slaves, is quite a difficult thing to cope with. So, I had to adapt myself and let my imagination flow… Read more

Keywords:  femdom, bdsm, story, facesitting, foot massage, facebusting, crushing

Language ENG; length 27 mins; MP4 Full HD; size  1208 mb; price: 24.39 $

After run stinky feet

Due to the quarantine I had to do some exercise at home, and because my slave was there, I used him as a stepper. After all that exercise and that sweat, I rested a little bit on the poltrone, but I didn’t stop to play with my slave… Read more

Keywords: sweaty feet, foot fetish, foot humiliation, socks and foot smelling, sweaty feet worship

Language ENG; length 13 mins; MP4 Full HD; size 595 mb; price: 13.41 $

A pig to crush

With my Mistress friends, we had great fun in humiliating a pig that gives us his pathetic dick at our disposal. Actually, more than a dick, it seemed like a clitoris. , so we had to check it properly making many tests of resistance… Read more 

Keywords:  cbt, trampling, multi domination, dominatrix, humiliation

Language ITA; length 16 mins; MP4 Full HD; size 710 mb; price: 17.07 $

Drool over my latex catsuit

I know that when you see a small piece of latex, you start to drool straight away… So I imagine that you love shiny rubber latex as I do, especially when it covers the body following accurately every curve, every shape of the body… Read more

Keywords: latex , goddess worship , femdom , shiny clothing , slave training

Language ENG; length 10 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 439 mb; price: 10.97 $

Hot reverse footjob with oiled soles

My alpha man asked me to have some pleasure using my gorgeous feet. He loves my feet, and especially to see my wrinkled soles that tease his cock. So, I enjoyed making him happy and satisfied, and I used my delicious and naughty soles… Read more

Keywords: footjobs, foot fetish , barefoot, highly arched feet, femdom, slave rewarding

Language ENG; length 10 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 476 mb; price: 10.97 $

Trapped under my table – Part1

I decided to trap my slave under my living room’s table, to play a bit with him. I know that he has a weakness for my feet, so I tied him up and put them in his face, before with my gorgeous high heels, and then barefoot, torturing him… Read more

Keywords: foot fetish , foot domination , high heels , foot worship, sensual domination

Language ENG; length 10 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 462 mb; price: 10.97 $

Trapped under my table – Part2

After played with my slave’s face (yiu can see it in the ‘part 1’ of this video), I got a rela pleasure with his genitals, doing a loooong stimulation on them, sometimes a real torture, with my gorgeous feet. On the other hand, the slave is… Read more

Keywords: footjobs , cock tease , barefoot , foot fetish, foot domination, foot slave training

Language ENG; length 17 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 751 mb; price: 18.29 $

Testing beach inflatables with boots and nails

Do you like to see people, perhaps a woman, playing with an inflatable object? And tell me, perhaps you’d like to see that person try to pierce it, or to blow it, or to destroy it in any way! Here you can see me blowing up many inflatables… Read more

Keywords: inflatables , blowing fetish , boots fetish , nails fetish , high heels

Language ITA; length 5 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 221 mb; price: 7.31 $

A sensual walk on you

When I dance I don’t think about anything, I like just to follow the flow, and let the right vibes enter inside me. But when I have the right dance floor, I dance much better, especially when I hear some moanings… Read more

Keywords: trampling , sensual domination , high heels , dancing , corporal punishment

Language ENG; length 11 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 642 mb; price: 12.19 $

I’m very thirsty

If a Mistress is very thirsty, it’s very likely that she’s going to drink, and if it’s warm, she might drink quite a lot. After that, there will be a moment in which she will need…a toilet. But because she doesn’t want to waste her energy… Read more

Keywords:  toilet slave , human toilet, mind fuck , pissing , femdom

Language ITA; length 10 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 469 mb; price:  10.97 $

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