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Having found an appropriate scenic venue to mirror My elegance and class, My BDSM and fetish videos loose nothing in spontaneity and show My pleasure and skill whilst performing My art. It demonstrates and shows My Mistress persona to a tee.

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Worshipping Mistress Claire

Another victim under my heels. This young slave, whom I have educated since he was really young and had contacted me, can no longer resist me now. He is very shy, but every time he sees me he gets immediately horny and if I then bring my foot close to his face… Read more

Keywords:  cock punishment, high heels, nipple torture, foot worship, cock crushing, cock teasing, foot licking, foot kissing, sensual domination, mistress pov

Language ITA; length 11 mins; MP4 Full HD; size  483 mb; price: 11.99 $

Stockings footjob massage for my soles

I really want and need a loooong foot massage. And I am lucky to have a slave who has offered himself for this task. For this occasion I wear my wonderful cuban stockings, the ones with tip and heel reinforced and with a sexy stripe on the back… Read more

Keywords: foot fetish, footsie, sensual domination, foot massage, cock teasing, footjob, foot play, foot worship

Language ITA; length 21 mins; MP4 Full HD; size 944 mb; price: 17.99 $

Your unuseful appendix – Part1

I have decided to torture my slave’s useless appendage. First I want to have fun of it with my beautiful shiny high boots, then with my hands (see next video). So after humiliating him a bit with words, I make him lie down on the floor and… Read more 

Keywords:  tease&denial, boot fetish, bootjob, edging, bossy, boot humiliation, small penis humiliation

Language ITA; length 7 mins; MP4 Full HD; size 303 mb; price: 8.39 $

Your unuseful appendix – Part2

The treatment I want to reserve for this slave is not over yet. In the second part of this video I make the slave lay down on my medical bed and I continue the torture started on his useless appendage… Read more

Keywords: Tease & denial , chastity , latex , edging games , cbt , glove fetish

Language ITA; length 13 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 571 mb; price: 13.19 $

Ready to do not breath anymore?

I really like to leave my slave breathless. And I have many ways to do: I can use my hands on his nose and mouth, or a piece of cellophane, or also my ass, sitting on his face… And in the meanwhile I adore to torture… Read more

Keywords: smother , facesitting , nipple play , femdom , arrogant woman

Language ITA; length 11 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 685 mb; price: 11.99 $

Crackling human Christmas tree

Near Christmas time I decided to decorate my dungeon with a Christmas…human tree! But then I didn’t want to take away the pleasure of taking it apart, or destroying it, So after carefully covering my slave with a series of inflated plastic bags… Read more

Keywords: Flogging , whipping , femdom , bdsm , corporal punishment , slave training

Language ITA; length 22 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 980 mb; price: 20.39 $

My personal dancefloor

Every now and again I get that overwhelming desire to dance, and I really enjoy it on a ‘human’ dancefloor! In that moment I had one ready to be the floor for my fantastic dance steps. I started dancing wildly… Read more

Keywords: trampling, erotic dancing, femdom, humiliation, arrogant woman

Language ENG; length 11 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 688 mb; price: 11.99 $

Caged foot fetish

Today I decided to have fun with my ‘human mat’ in a slightly different way: I put him in a cage! Then I started teasing him from the outside, first with my high heels on, and then, after having made him an aerosol with my shoes… Read more

Keywords: Foot fetish , sensual domination , foot worship , footsie , cook tease , foot gagging

Language ITA; length 14 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 637 mb; price: 13.19 $

A lot of JOI

This is the video you’ve been waiting for. I was also waiting for it too. Do you want to play? I do and today I want to teach you how to stand in front of a Mistress, what it really means to be a slave… Read more

Keywords: jerk off instructions , goddess worship , mind fuck , mental domination , soles

Language ITA; length 20 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 888 mb; price: 20.39 $

Better mine than a normal carpet

I have a nice, soft mat in front of me, which I have every intention of using. So, after making him kiss my soles as a sign of devotion, I start trampling him with my décolleté. I step all over his chest and ‘lower parts’, before… Read more

Keywords:  foot fetish , footsie , sensual domination , foot massage , cock teasing , footjob , foot play , foot worship

Language ITA; length 16 mins; MP4 Full HD, size 726 mb; price:  15.59 $

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